June 25: Care Portals: Expanding Access and Reducing Unnecessary Care

Alameda County Board of Supervisors Health Committee members Wilma Chan and Keith Carson have planned a year-long conversation series to discuss local implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The series’ goal is to help Alameda County prepare for the opportunities and challenges associated with health reform in 2014 and beyond.

The hearings will address a different issue each month, featuring experts and local community health leaders. Combining the “big picture” with local specifics and community feedback hopefully will lead to policy recommendations for Alameda County. Harbage Consulting, a health care consulting group, has been asked to facilitate these meetings, with support from the Alameda Alliance for Health.

June 25: Care Portals: Expanding Access and Reducing Unnecessary Care

Retooling emergency medical services to focus on prevention and avoidance of the hospital and emergency department are major opportunities for expanding access to care and saving public dollars. Alameda County is at the forefront of this arena. This session will provide a summary of innovations in EMS occurring nationally and locally.

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