Notice of Steering Committee Election

An election will be held at the March meeting of the Public Health Commission to elect representatives to the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee members include sitting Officers as well as representatives who serve one-year terms. The Steering Committee meets bi-monthly and a quorum, a simple majority of elected members, is required to conduct business. There is no maximum number of Steering Committee members. All sitting Commissioners are eligible to serve.

Names must be submitted to the Nominating Committee in advance. The Nominating Committee will verify that the nominated person wishes to be considered and will provide a list of names, in writing, to the PHC for the election. Please submit nominations to Julie Williamson, Nominating Committee Chair, by 3/12/13.

DUTIES OF THE STEERING COMMITTEE (refer to the by-laws for additional information)
1. Shall have general control of the affairs of PHC subject to the authority of PHC.
2. Shall work with staff to prepare agenda for each meeting.
3. Shall determine the needs for committees and make recommendations to be approved by the PHC.
4. Shall appoint Chairs to established committees.
5. Shall discharge non-functioning committees.
6. Shall prepare an annual review of PHC activities and present it to the Board of Supervisors.
7. Shall review applicants for PHC seats and make recommendations about them to the PHC.

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