District 1 Commissioners

Commissioner Evan Branning

Commissioner Branning is a resident of Livermore representing Supervisor Haggerty from District 1. Commissioner Branning works as a culinary instructor for Village Continuation High School. Before joining the Village team he had worked at Job Corps and as a private chef. Outside of teaching he enjoys biking, games, and travel. Commissioner Branning also is active on many transit and housing issues in Livermore, including being a founding member of the groups BART2Livermore and Build Downtown Now. He is very focused on issues of inequity and displacement and the social determinants of health which brought him to the public health commission. He initially joined hoping to focus on nutrition and health issues among displaced populations, but since joining has expanded his focus. Having joined the oral health sub committee he has begun pushing for fluoridation in Livermore and expanding the number of Denti Cal providers in the Tri-Valley.

Commissioner Antony Nguyen is a resident of District 1. He recently graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.



Commissioner David Hurst is a resident of District 1.