District 4 Commissioners

Commissioner Zhonnet Harper

Zhonnet “Z” Harper, PHC Chairwoman is a Patient Care Navigator for Breast Cancer at Alameda Health System. Zhonnet is also a member of Assemblyman Rob Bonta’s Women of Color Commission and an emerging Thought Leader in the field of Navigation.

It was in her role as Patient Navigator that she was led to the Public Health Commission. Engaged, but not empowered, to make the systemic and policy changes needed to improve the quality of life for her patients, Zhonnet began advocating for her patients and community on her own time with county and state officials. It was Supervisor Miley who recommended she look into the Public Health Commission, which he thought would be the perfect fit.

Zhonnet has been a Commissioner for just over a year now and is humbled, honored and privileged to serve on a commission with such incredibly committed and gifted individuals, while being supported by outstanding Public Health leadership.

As a Black Woman and Oakland native, Zhonnet is committed to ensuring that equity is the foundation of all public health planning and overall policy, by providing opportunities that invite and empower our residents who live in underserved and undervalued communities, to help design and lead in the creation and governance of policies and programs that address and resolve social determinants of health issues.